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Harrisonburg Radio Group

At Harrisonburg Radio Group, we provide customized solutions for our client’s marketing goals. We are composed of 8 unique stations offering exclusive local programming across the Shenandoah Valley, along with a strong lineup of digital products to target your ideal customer. We leverage all of our assets to deliver substantial results.

Harrisonburg Radio Group is your leading digital partner in the Valley. With local and national digital capabilities, we construct meaningful campaigns to target your customer whether they be close to home or across the country. Digital shouldn’t be confusing! We’ll lead you step-by-step through the capabilities of online advertising and leave you feeling prepared to leave your digital footprint and get results.

Harrisonburg Radio Group. We live here. We give here. 


Shenandoah Valley Best Producers

Shenandoah Valley Best is powered by Best of Programs, a product of NERUS Strategies, LLC. The NERUS Strategies LLC mission is to explore ideas that translate quickly to a profitable experience. From better ways to target and reach your market, to helping define Best Of events and special sections, to best practice pricing and marketing. NERUS Strategies LLC is a privately held corporation and is independent from Harrisonburg Radio Group.

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